BCVR The 5thJCS Council Forum on Basic Cardio Vascular Research

The 5th JCS Council Forum on Basic CardioVascular Research
Persistent spirits of inquiry to uncover the truth hidden in diseases

Welcome Greetings

The 5th BCVR
Let’s get together for discussing the common themes by sharing special time at New NCVC

We plan to have the 5th BCVR forum at new NCVC that is connected to JR Kishibe station coming Sep 11-12. The slogan of this forum will be “Endless challenge to unveil the causes of cardiovascular diseases”.

Since the birth of the earth (4 billion years ago) and the emergence of the first organism, cells must include small organism from other organism and creatures cohabit or co-exist under symbiotic relationship. We unconsciously appreciate this symbiotic relationship from the cellular level to the society level to which we belong. Without our mutual co-existence and symbiosis, we no longer survive or live in good health. Therefore, sharing special time to discuss the same topics we target is important to accelerate the research. Our senior leaders and colleagues who organized the original study group on basic cardiovascular research have tried to keep this study group and finally reorganized it to BCVR forum. It is of note that they still want to continue their research by fully and deeply activating their brain with special enthusiasm and with strong will to grow young scientists in the cardiovascular field. As a member of these, I would like to ask you to join this forum to activate it and look forward to seeing active young scientists who might be interested in science.

Yours truly,

Naoki Mochizuki, M.D., Ph.D.
The 5th JCS Council Forum on Basic CardioVascular Research (BCVR2021)